Ostou delayed (again)

In apology for the delay on this week’s Ostou post… have the trailer for one of my favourite terrible movies:

(Okay, there’s a much less terrible trailer out there, but I can’t find it.)

Okay, the official trailer is pretty terrible, but this is the ad I remember. I remember the movie being as both dramatic and as cheesy as the latter ad makes out. The fact that it came out when when I was 9 didn’t hurt matters at all – since then, it’s always given me this delightful sense of time and place. Wow, a movie based on a video game! (How naive we were.)

I always see the movie given a hard time for having the Italian brothers played by an Englishman and a Colombian, but, really? Scarface had an Italian playing a Cuban, and I’ve seen Mel Gibson play Americans, Scots, Danes… The brothers both have New York accents, which are convincing to my untrained Canadian ears. Hilarious, ridicuously cheesy movie adaptation, probably built up by a heavy dose of nostalgia.