Ostou: An Introduction

I have, sitting on a shelf above my desk, Jeff Smith’s Bone: The Complete Cartoon Epic in One Volume. The bookmark – not terribly far from the beginning – hasn’t moved much in years. But Bone is a wonderful story – I’ve read enough of it to know this to be true. I just keep running out of momentum on it.

Blogging about my experience my help with this, and so I’m going to.

I first encountered Bone… oh wow, close to twenty years ago. (Not many things I can say that about.) A few of the early chapters were serialized in Disney Adventures, and for years I thought it was just another Disney property.

Years later, encountering vast acclaim for this epic, and remembering my own delight reading these stories as a child, I picked up the one-volume edition.

I intend to read it now.

Part I: The Valley
Book One: Out from Boneville
* Chapter I: The Map
* Chapter II: Thorn
* Chapter III: Phoney Bone

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