While poking about on That Guy With the Glasses, I stumbled across a little gem by the name of “Video Game Confessions“.

Doug Walker, the host of the site, has a whole menagerie of alter egos, including That Guy With The Glasses, the Nostalgia Critic, and Chester A. Bum. But this one – this character, and this series – is delightful little wonder.

At its heart, it’s fanfiction read aloud. It’s presented as the filmed recollections of “Dominic”, the bartender at a bar called the Pixel Palace, where various video game characters come to unwind. Each episode shows Dominic, filmed in black and white, relating an anecdote from the bar about some character or other. The way he tells the stories, they’re clearly meant to be slice-of-life tales that are meant to make you think… but they’re all ridiculous. Wonderfully, cheerfully ridiculous. The whole thing is intercut with shots of Dominic doodling the character in question on some Pixel Palace stationary, and it’s all set to some soft piano jazz.

Episode 5: “Pac-Man”