Better to Light a Candle – Orson Scott Card and DC Entertainment

Arright.  So.  DC hired Orson Scott Card to write “Adventures of Superman”, a weekly digital series.

Mr. Card sits on the board of the National Organization for Marriage, an advocacy group that seeks to prevent marriage equality from ever becoming a reality in the United States.  He also has a history of writing homophobic screeds of various flavours.

Inspired by John Scalzi’s recent initiative, I’ve made a decision:

For every issue of this series that comes out, I’m sticking $5 in a pot.  Every few weeks (or when the series ends), I’m going to empty the pot out, and donate half to Human Rights Campaign, and half to the Lambda Foundation.

Human Rights Campaign donation page

Lambda Foundation donation page

Now, Scalzi has the attention of the slug he’s trying to counteract, so there’s at least a nominal chance that this measure will actually curtail said slug’s behaviour.  That’s not the case here – Card has no idea who I am.

This does, however, channel my rage in a constructive direction.

Who’s with me?

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